Advertising Ringback Tone

We have developed the most advanced Advertising Ringback-tone solution which can integrate with any current RBT platform in the market. A large subscriber adoption rate is ensured through various enticing benefits. We also assist with the entire end to end solution with regards to setting up advertising sales houses as well as pitching to advertising agencies.

This is an amazing revenue generating tool and a huge benefit is that revenues are generated outside of the subscriber base through 3rd party advertising.

This captive, entertaining advertising medium also has a great viral growth component. So much intelligence is built into the system which also offers location and time based advertising schedules. It is commonly understood that around 80% of people calling one another are in the same LSM bracket. Therefore, it is easier to reach one’s target market and supply advertisers with detailed monthly reports of where and when their advertisements have been flighted, how many seconds each advert was listened to, profile of listeners, etc.