Mobile Content

‘Mobile Content’ refers to electronic products such as ringtones, games, graphics, daily religious messages, news, other alerts and so forth that are provided through mobile phones and are charged directly to consumers’ mobile phone bills. Although a relatively new form of commerce, mobile content has evolved to form a large and increasingly important industry as it provides emotive entertainment in various forms to the user.

All Supa Pesa’s services can be packaged and priced according to each individual company’s requirements, in order to be relevant to their target market.

For example there can be a revenue share, outright purchase of the product or service, management fee can be discussed or alternatively a combination of the various options.

All Supa Pesa’s products are designed for ease of use for the customer allowing the customer an ability to choose their desired content, which not only empowers the customer, but alleviates the need for resources of the company to manage these added value services.  Furthermore the service has the ability to self-generate revenue. The user is given the choice to do once off transactions, or subscribe to a service, (dependant on legislation of each territory) but has the option to ‘opt out’ at any given time. Users are also informed of the cost of each transaction before they confirm a request.

Immediate and accurate reporting and campaign management is conducted on a portal and allows all relevant parties to, at any given time, obtain a real time update of the activities occurring on this service.

We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology, and consistently strive to bring new and inventive product and service offerings, across all our divisions, to our clients.