Mobile Virtual Cards

Mobile Virtual Cards is a market leading innovation, replacing traditional credit cards with virtual technology that is safer, easier, and more convenient. The application creates Virtual Credit Cards (VCCs) which replace old-fashioned plastic options. These VCCs are created offline in real-time, are immune to cloning and cannot be compromised in any way.

Each VCC is completely unique, only the user has access to the card until the transaction, meaning details are never exposed to the possibility of fraud. VCCs are one-time-use only, after which the details become obsolete. Even if card details are compromised during a sale, they are completely useless to anyone wishing to purchase with them again.

Customer details are secured using sophisticated cryptographic techniques, which together with the offline-generated VCCs means Mobile Virtual Cards is immune to hacking, cloning, skimming and other possible fraud practices.

For a step by step demonstration, click here. (this must automatically open an e-mail with the subject line “Request for Step by Step Mobile Virtual Cards”.

Endorsed by MasterCard

Mobile Virtual Cards are endorsed by MasterCard, giving users the ability to purchase worldwide wherever MasterCard is accepted. The internationally recognised endorsement means users can purchase a range of items including:

  •     Airline / Concert tickets
  •     Online goods and services
  •     Telephone catalogue items
  •     Car rentals
  •     And more…

Now with NFC

Support for Near Field Communication (NFC) allows Mobile Virtual Cards to enter the realm of the physical, providing a way for Mobile Virtual Cards card holders to transact at compatible POS devices directly with their mobile phone.

This affords a new level of convenience to customers who want to use their Mobile Virtual Cards app beyond typical Card Not Present (CNP) applications.

Mobile Virtual Cards, by design, is compatible with the existing payment infrastructure and does not require any system outside of the Mobile Virtual Cards issuer environment. The Mobile Virtual Cards card is presented as a conventional 16 digit credit card number acceptable anywhere a MasterCard, Visa, Diners or American Express card is accepted.